lunedì 4 giugno 2007

Berthe et Bernard Moot-Moot!

© 4 Mecs en baskets/ 4 Mecs à lunettes/ FCA

ta-daaaaaaaaaa: "Les Moot-moot"!
Ouech, ouech!

domenica 3 giugno 2007


For a gorgeous girl I know, veeery sSspecial to meeee!!!


Everybody knows that once cooked, raviolis absolutely need to dry to be happy. So, he hangs a little bit...
Aurélie drew it on the board in the room where we worked and I found it so cute, I had to model it!

edmond "the aggressive donut"

Simona designed it. It made me laugh so much! Hope she will design his accessorizes too. I die for modelling them all!